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von pa13kare
30. Jul 2016 10:45
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Thema: Exam Review
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Re: Exam Review

me too, please let us know the next review date.
von pa13kare
24. Jun 2016 20:28
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Thema: Error executing Spark - Ex 8
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Error executing Spark - Ex 8

Dear Sir,

I have installed Scala in Eclipse and maven as well. Then I imported sol 8, but when I run it gives below error. I have tried several solutions from internet without luck. Could you please help?
"Error: Could not find or load main class ApproximatePi"

von pa13kare
7. Jun 2016 18:54
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Thema: Java or scala for Futures, Actors and Streams
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Java or scala for Futures, Actors and Streams

Dear Sir,

For the chapter about Futures, Actors and Streams, please let us know if we need to study Scala. And if questions in exams will be based on Java or Scala?

Best regards,

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