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von achal
26. Mai 2015 17:18
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Thema: Mid Term Exam Summer Sem 2015 Results
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Mid Term Exam Summer Sem 2015 Results


By when(and where) can we expect the mid term exam results?
It would be nice to get the results soon to self evaluate ourselves.

Thanks and Regards,
von achal
25. Mai 2015 18:52
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Thema: MidTerm Exam Time
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Re: MidTerm Exam Time

Hello All, I am in the same state as "UdoWeber". Had very less time to think and put the thought process in human readable form on the paper. As "Talaron" mentioned about practice, I too feel the solution to the issue at hand is practice! which makes a man perfect. Here I don't know how other member...

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