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von no-can-do
16. Jun 2015 20:59
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Thema: Mid-term exam, question 3-b (super call in Scala vs. Java )
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Re: Mid-term exam, question 3-b (super call in Scala vs. Jav

Hi, Super is statically bound in Java classes. But dynamically bound in Scala classes with traits , i.e., super is determined by linearization. Btw, it'd be great if you could share whatever you know about this one: https://www.fachschaft.informatik.tu-darmstadt.de/forum/viewtopic.php?f=234&t=32398 ...
von no-can-do
7. Jun 2015 23:15
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Thema: Midterm design review solution
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Midterm design review solution

Hi, midterm design review asked how it violated or honored SOLID. Please someone share your review.

Also, it talked about having no checked exceptions. How does exception make any difference?

von no-can-do
17. Mai 2015 22:11
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Thema: SOLID for the rest of us!
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SOLID for the rest of us!

Hi, I guess it'd be correct to say that ISP enables SRP and LSP enables OCP. If its wrong, plz don't read forward and just point out why! Anyway, with that epiphany(!), now, my thick head is asking who else is doing what! What more tricks do SOLIDs have for us! One thing could be that one or more of...
von no-can-do
11. Mai 2015 09:55
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Thema: Mid term exam
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Re: Mid term exam

Organizers, question format please? Will we have to write Scala code, draw UML diagrams, etc.?

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