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von roberto.calandra
16. Dez 2014 10:32
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Thema: Results homework 1
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Results homework 1

The results of the homework 1 are now available on the website at http://www.ias.informatik.tu-darmstadt. ... ts_hw1.pdf
von roberto.calandra
16. Dez 2014 10:30
Forum: Lernende Roboter
Thema: Solutions to homeworks?
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Re: Solutions to homeworks?

Hi the D,

The solutions of the homeworks will not be published.
However, the solutions of each homework are presented during the thursday's lecture after the deadline.

von roberto.calandra
16. Jan 2014 12:18
Forum: Lernende Roboter
Thema: Homework 3
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Homework 3

Upon requests of the Lecturer, the Exercise 1 of Homework 3 has been modified in order to have a 2-dimensional state instead of being 1-dimensional.

Therefore, a new version of the pdf containing the new parameters has being uploaded.

von roberto.calandra
16. Dez 2013 14:42
Forum: Lernende Roboter
Thema: Exercise 2.1c
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Exercise 2.1c

Dear Students, Please eliminate the first 949 states of the trajectory to follow, and try to follow only the remaining part. load('inv_dyn_ref_traj.mat'); states(1:949,:) = []; The problem is that as somebody pointed out (and i didn't understand at the moment, I apologize), the trajectory is very fa...
von roberto.calandra
13. Dez 2013 19:35
Forum: Lernende Roboter
Thema: Exercise 2.1f
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Exercise 2.1f

Dear Students, As you might have noticed, the long-term prediction in this moment are "ugly". This is due to instable gains for the PD controller. Please change the gains to be: K_p = diag([10 10]) K_D = diag([1 1]) You should now get a nice and smooth long-term prediction. Tschuss :) -R PS: also re...

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