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von CMYK
23. Feb 2014 23:59
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Thema: Feedback on the exam
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Re: Feedback on the exam

Hi, I agree with my fellow students, I also worry because of this giant task. I can understand that you included this kind of task, since this mainly is the goal of the class. But I don't think that an exam is the right place for it, since in my opinion it is a complex iterative process. We were wor...
von CMYK
4. Feb 2014 15:06
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Thema: Ex09: Decorator vs. Visitor
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Ex09: Decorator vs. Visitor

I don't understand, how the decorator pattern and the visitor pattern can coexist in this task. Either we decorate our objects, so we can ask the outer decorating object to return the accumulated price, calories and the name, then there is no need for a visitor to traverse my objects, he will just v...
von CMYK
30. Apr 2013 18:53
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