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von omarelsabbagh
24. Jul 2013 21:36
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Thema: Offene Fragen
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Re: Offene Fragen

Weisst du wo findet sich die Klausur?
von omarelsabbagh
5. Nov 2012 13:36
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Thema: Exercise schedule
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Re: Exercise schedule


Should we bring the exercise solution in tomorrow's lecture or in Wednesday's exercise session?

von omarelsabbagh
6. Aug 2012 02:01
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Thema: [exam] Does the exam contain questions to specific technologies?
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[exam] Does the exam contain questions to specific technologies?

Question please:
Will the exam contain questions about specific technologies that we used in the exercise "e.g. Google Guice, mockito, JUnit,...." or just about the principles that we've learned?
Thanks in advance,
von omarelsabbagh
18. Jun 2012 20:06
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Thema: Ex07 Task 2 c)
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Re: Ex07 Task 2 c)

Just a small question:

In the first post in this thread, shouldn't that answer for task 2b) not 2c) ??

Because "b" is the one that requires the responsibility for each class??

von omarelsabbagh
25. Apr 2012 08:50
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Thema: Second assignment now available
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Re: Second assignment now available

In task 6,

Does anyone know how to use the "map" function with a multi-parameter function as "subst"?

Thanks in advance.
von omarelsabbagh
12. Apr 2012 23:17
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Thema: Teammate for group exercises
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Teammate for group exercises

Hi all,

I am a master student at the program distributed software systems. It is my first semester at TU Darmstadt. I am very good in Java programming and good in UML modelling. I am searching for a motivated teammate. Anyone willing to join??

Please reply ASAP.

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