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von Christian A.
9. Jun 2010 11:10
Forum: Computer Vision
Thema: No functions provided in the new starting kit
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No functions provided in the new starting kit

Hi, as far as I can see, there are no functions like part3.m or sliding_window.m (except the helper function) in the new starting kit for part 3. This might have one of the following reasons: 1. Those functions are not provided and we are supposed to implement them from scratch. 2. You simply forgot...
von Christian A.
19. Mai 2010 11:59
Forum: Computer Vision
Thema: Correct/ incorrect matches
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Re: Correct/ incorrect matches

You are right, the query and model images with the same N in the filename are actually the same objects under different viewpoints. Unless there are multiple images of toy cars for example it brings up the following question: Is a match a correct match if and only if the two images are the same obje...

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