Entry into TU Darmstadt

Once you have decided in favor of academic studies at TU Darmstadt, you have to apply and then register yourself. Then, at the beginning of the semester, your courses start. We'll explain to you how that works at the Ophase, which you definitely should participate in.


To be accepted into the course for a bachelor in computer science, you are required to have obtained the general or subject-specific higher education entrance qualification or a different qualification of the same value. When the formal for entrance requirements are met, and you apply correctly and in time, you will definitely be enrolled (as there are no entrance requirements or NC currently applicable for any course in computer science).

The application process is exclusively online. Additional information concerning your application can be found on the central websites of the TU Darmstadt. The Student Service can also help if any problems occur and advise you with any questions for your application.

Application deadline

For any application, you have to keep in mind that there is an application deadline. It is applicable to all academic courses at TU Darmstadt. You'll always find the deadline for enrollment at the semester dates site of the TU. It is a good idea to finish up the application much earlier and to hand it in in turn for a confirmation of reciept. Remember, that you need a health insurance confirmation for example. Experience shows, that it can take quite a while until all required documents are at hand.

As the courses in computer science do not have a Numerus Clausus, it may (!) be exceptionally possible to hand in an application after the deadline. In such cases, you'll need to contact the Student Office. One should not rely on this procedure.


Once you applied correctly, you'll receive a letter of admission. But that does not mean that you are enrolled already! You have to pay the semester fee until the deadline given in the admission letter. After reciept of the semester fees, you'll be sent the confirmation of enrolment along with your student ID card. Then you are enrolled.


In the week before readings start, the Ophase takes place, where the university and the life around it will be shown and explained. This introduction is vital, as you'll learn a lot about the course ahead of your and the university as a whole, as well as many tipps and tricks. Don't miss it!