Courses in the 1st semester (B.Sc. Computer Science)

In principle, our program does not dictate which courses must be taken in which semester. However, there is a standard curriculum. Unless you have any unusual previous experience in computer science and university studies, it is highly recommended to stick to it, especially in the first semester!

The one course you are obligated to take is the iMS; find more information on our "contacts at the department" site!

In the first semester, you will thus probably attend the lectures Funktionale und Objektorientierte Programmierkonzepte (FOP), Digitaltechnik (DT), Automaten, Formale Sprachen und Entscheidbarkeit (AFE) and Mathematik 1 für Informatik und Wirtschaftsinformatik.

Below is a list of who were teaching these courses in the winter semester 2020 and how or where you could reach these people. Normally, all of them offer open office hours, but due to the digital semester, things may still change.


Since all these lectures happen in German, we only provide further information on the German version of this page :-)