Getting Around

On Campus and all Around Campus

Are you new around here? This page gives you several tools for finding your way around Darmstadt, the TU campus, and the main computer science building.


The Robert Piloty Building (S2|02) is the most important building for computer science students at TU Darmstadt. A large part of the department, including the administration, is located here, and most (except the largest) computer science lectures are held in the three lecture halls.

To help you get to know the Piloty, we have built a virtual interactive tour for you! Have a look!


The TU Darmstadt includes the Campus Stadtmitte and the Campus Lichtwiese. For computer science students, the Campus Stadtmitte is almost exclusively the relevant one!

The TU has its own system for building numbers: The number behind the S (Stadtmitte) or L (Lichtwiese) indicates to which area a building belongs. But if you are looking for a specific building, the campus maps of the TU can help!

To get an overview the campus tour videos will help you.

The map below also has separate layers for the Campus Stadtmitte and the Campus Lichtwiese!


The campus belongs to Darmstadt, but there is far more to discover! To help you find what you are looking for, we have a map with several helpful markers for you. In the upper right corner you can hide or show the different categories.

The Map requires javascript.

However, Darmstadt looks completely different on a map than it does in real life. That's why you can accompany us through Darmstadt on a bike. One virtual city tour to go!