General information about the Ophase

On this page you will find the most important information about the upcoming Ophase. The bachelor Ophase of the winter semester 2023/24 will take place from the 09.10. to the 13.10.2023. The master Ophase will be held from 11.10. to the 13.10.2023 in English. For international students, we offer a "How-to-Germany". Both are primarily designed as in-person events. We offer livestreams for the most important events for the people who cannot come to the university on these days. Nevertheless, we recommend attending in person. You can find more detailed information on this website on other subpages or on site in the Ophase. If you still have questions, just send us an email or join our Discord server.





The events of the Ophase take place primarily on the Stadtmitte campus. Otherwise, a few other central buildings of this campus will be included, so you can get a rough overview. In order to make your first day at the university easier, it is best to take a look at our maps to see how exactly you can get to the respective buildings.