The Fachschaftsrat

The Fachschaftsrat is the elected body of the Fachschaft


  • 9 students


  • day-to-day work for the Fachschaft
  • Delegation of two representatives to the (As the distinction between elected and non-elected members of the Fachschaft is quite fuzzy, any active member can represent the Fachschaft)
  • Delegation of representatives to the conference of german Fachschaften for computer science.

Current Members (2019/20)

  • Janika Krull
  • Heiko Carrasco
  • Jonas Honermann
  • Mira Weller



All active, elected or non-elected, can be reached by the general Fachschafts mail address fs[at] The elected members of the Fachschaftsrat can be reached via fsr[at]